Fénis Castle

Castello di Fénis 🇮🇹 or Fénis Castle 🇬🇧 or Château de Fénis 🇫🇷 is in Aosta Valley in the north-west of Italy. close to France and Switzerland borders. Aosta Valley or in Italian, Valle d’Aosta is the smallest and least populous region of Italy. But there are more than 30 castles in this small & beautiful region. Fénis Castle is one of the most famous one. it is well-known for its architecture and battlemented walls and the towers.

Location of Fénis Castle

The Castle is in the city of Fénis. it is just 13 km away from the city of Aosta. Fénis castle have many watchtowers which they linked together by walkway and protected with double boundary.

The courtyard, the centre of the central inhabited body, is the small quadrangular courtyard built by Bonifacio I between the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century.

When you visit the castle it reminds you of Borgo medieval in Torino. do not get surprise. because the courtyard of Borgo medieval of Torino is a copy of the internal courtyard of the castle of Fénis.


Inside the castle there are numerous and gigantic fireplaces. I can imagine in the winter time the castle was pleasant and warm. they also using them for the cooking.

The rooms and balconies inside the courtyard are furnished with various types of wooden. this wood feeling made it elegant. The walls of the balconies are decorating with images of sages and prophets and proverbs in old French. You can visit first and second floor with chapel. The third floor, in the attic, was dedicated to the servant and is not visitable.

I visit the castle in beginning of the March. I am sure in the Spring it will be more beautiful when everything is green. If I have a chance, I will go there again in spring for taking better photos. maybe for the wallpaper section of my website. anyway, even visiting this castle in winter will be a good experience. if you are passing through Aosta valley you should stop there and visit this beautiful castle. you need one hour to visit the inside and then you can have a amazing lunch break at Aosta.

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