Tre Denti and Freidour

If you love 360º panromaic view continue reading Tre Denti and Freidour post!

Tre Denti and Freidour are mountains of Alpi del Monginevro under the section of the Cottian Alps. We had a plan to just trek to Freidour with the guide of Trekking Torino but later we also continued our journey till the peak of tre denti.

Monte Freidour

We left the cars here and started to hike through the monte Freidour. although we were in the coldest days of January, it was a pleasant warm sunny day and contrary to our expectations. the route from starting point to the summit of Freidour was simple but with an amazing panoramic view of the valleys. at the end of the summit, we enjoyed the marvelous 360º panoramic view.

Tre Denti and Freidour

On the top is the trigonometric geodetic datum the IGM code 067041 called Monte Freidour. also there is a monument of the 8 members of the crew of a British Liberator bomber that crashed there on 14 October 1944, during a mission in support of Italian partisans.

After reaching there we decided to continue through The Aragno hill which separates Freidour from Mount Tre Denti. so we continued our journey till the highest dent of those three dents! from there you can have panromaic view of city of Avigliana and the lakes of Avigliana.

avigliana lakes from tre denti

At the end we reached the small chapel at the top of the eastern tooth. we had our lunch break there while we enjoyed the mesmerizing view. on the way back we continued another route which ended to Casa Canada (Refuge Melano). even if you do not like hiking or not in the mood of long journey I highly recommend you to visit this place. it is very easy to access with short distance of walking.

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