Trekking from Qazvin to the Caspian sea through Alamut Valley

I never did trekking from Qazvin to the Caspian sea but I always was too excited to do it.

Finding topics and ideas for a new blog is kind of really hard. you don’t know yet your audience and you don’t even have enough courage to start. I was struggling with myself and forcing myself to start writing here and I thought let’s begin with things I did in my life which had a big influence on me. so I decided to write about the unforgettable things I did in my life and yeah I should dedicate a section to it. so this post it’s not the first and last on this topic.

it’s all started with my guest from Couchsurfing. I was recently starting hosting people back in my apartment in Qazvin. which was a quite large apartment. after I had some guests I received a last-minute request from some French people.

yeah hosting five people together is not something so often in the Couchsurfing community. but back then I lived in a really big apartment and it was easy to host even bigger group. after they spent a night at my place they asked me about trekking route from the Qazvin to the Caspian sea through the Alamut valleys. “I know it’s possible and I always had a dream to do it” I replied & they told me ok let’s do it!

we spent a first night in the Gazorkhan near Alamut castle and the second day we started our trip by passing beautiful Pichebon. it was a really great adventure which I did it again lots of time later. if you ever have a chance to do this trekking route I highly recommend it.