Ciaspole 1st experience

I do not even know how do they call Ciaspole in English but I prefer the Italian name of it.

I never tried snowshoes (Ciaspole) for hiking in the snow and I really wanted to try them. last week I had a chance and I took it. even on the day of activity, I felt a little bit sick but who cares.

we parked the car at La Cialma starting point and wear the Ciaspole and started the journey. you can find the complete route on my Strava. although the elevation was only 754m with Ciaspole it was much harder honestly. especially on the way back you need to be really careful about deep snow, otherwise every time you need to consume lots of energy to just get out of the deep snow.

Ciaspole trekking in La cialma

Like always the best moment was when we arrived at the summit of La Cialma which was only 2193m but with a marvelous view of Gran Paradiso peak. if you are going to try Snowshoes for the first time like me, consider that the distance and elevation gain is almost felt twice with snowshoes. or maybe I was sick that day. but for me, it was a great experience. not that much I buy a snowshoe and do it every week but absolutely I will do it again if I have an opportunity.

me on the way back

And here at the end is the photo of me on the way back. I made some changes to my website. now you can see my photos and posts in the same places. I will try harder to write and post my photos more often to keep this website more updated. but if you want to catch up with my latest updates please follow me on my social media such as Instagram and Twitter.