Colle Begino

When life gives you snow, do snowshoeing. (my inner voice during hiking to Colle Begino)

We had an opportunity to do the snowshoes again to Colle Begino. this time near France border so close to the famous Mont Chaberton in France. Alessandro from Trekking Torino organized guided hiking to Colle Begino. it was a Holiday Thursday and why not!

Colle begino

Finally, the coldest days of winter arrived. At the beginning, where we start near Cesana Torinese, it was really freezing cold. luckily a little bit later when we had more sun and our bodies already warmed up, it was not freezing anymore. Alessandro organized everything perfectly. we had the Crampons and Snowshoes and special gear to attach them to our backpacks.

Colle begino

On the way to our destination Colle Begino, we needed to pass alongside Lago Nero (I hope so because I did not see it. it may be fully covered by snow). we started hiking with crampons. using crampons was really pleasant. a little bit later after 4km of hiking we reached more fresh snow and we had to use the snowshoes.

Colle begino

To be honest, using snowshoes is not easy at all and it is really exhausting activity. I also mentioned before that I do not want to do it every week, but walking alongside all those fresh white snows made you forget all the tiredness. on the top, you can enjoy having a view of Thures Valley

Colle begino

On the way back we had a stop at Capanna Mautino refuge. over there you can have some warm meals and drinks. we changed back to crampons again to get back to Cesana.
the total distance that we did was around 15km and elevation gain of around 1000m. you can find all the details in my strava activity. such as always I created the reel of the trip on my Instagram

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