Ciaspole 1st experience

I do not even know how do they call Ciaspole in English but I prefer the Italian name of it.

I never tried snowshoes (Ciaspole) for hiking in the snow and I really wanted to try them. last week I had a chance and I took it. even on the day of activity, I felt a little bit sick but who cares.

we parked the car at La Cialma starting point and wear the Ciaspole and started the journey. you can find the complete route on my Strava. although the elevation was only 754m with Ciaspole it was much harder honestly. especially on the way back you need to be really careful about deep snow, otherwise every time you need to consume lots of energy to just get out of the deep snow.

Ciaspole trekking in La cialma

Like always the best moment was when we arrived at the summit of La Cialma which was only 2193m but with a marvelous view of Gran Paradiso peak. if you are going to try Snowshoes for the first time like me, consider that the distance and elevation gain is almost felt twice with snowshoes. or maybe I was sick that day. but for me, it was a great experience. not that much I buy a snowshoe and do it every week but absolutely I will do it again if I have an opportunity.

me on the way back

And here at the end is the photo of me on the way back. I made some changes to my website. now you can see my photos and posts in the same places. I will try harder to write and post my photos more often to keep this website more updated. but if you want to catch up with my latest updates please follow me on my social media such as Instagram and Twitter.


Trekking from Qazvin to the Caspian sea through Alamut Valley

I never did trekking from Qazvin to the Caspian sea but I always was too excited to do it.

Finding topics and ideas for a new blog is kind of really hard. you don’t know yet your audience and you don’t even have enough courage to start. I was struggling with myself and forcing myself to start writing here and I thought let’s begin with things I did in my life which had a big influence on me. so I decided to write about the unforgettable things I did in my life and yeah I should dedicate a section to it. so this post it’s not the first and last on this topic.

it’s all started with my guest from Couchsurfing. I was recently starting hosting people back in my apartment in Qazvin. which was a quite large apartment. after I had some guests I received a last-minute request from some French people.

yeah hosting five people together is not something so often in the Couchsurfing community. but back then I lived in a really big apartment and it was easy to host even bigger group. after they spent a night at my place they asked me about trekking route from the Qazvin to the Caspian sea through the Alamut valleys. “I know it’s possible and I always had a dream to do it” I replied & they told me ok let’s do it!

we spent a first night in the Gazorkhan near Alamut castle and the second day we started our trip by passing beautiful Pichebon. it was a really great adventure which I did it again lots of time later. if you ever have a chance to do this trekking route I highly recommend it.


Hello Again!

WordPress changed my life. but first, let’s see how I reached there…

I still remember the first days that I discovered the world of the Internet. It was about 20 years ago & I was a 14-15 years teenage boy who just discovered the Internet. One of the first things I discovered was Yahoo Mail. The 4 MB free inbox which you can send and receive E-mail! Wow! Isn’t that unbelievable … no? a little bit later I discovered Mail groups which sent you daily content about everything you can imagine!
For me, this amount of information was so exciting. I still remember before that sometimes I waited up to two months for the next issue of my favourite magazine to gain more current information about the things that I loved. Now I can find anything that I want instantly on the Internet! I believe after about 20 years I am getting old to remember all the details and which was first and which was after that!

Get off the internet, so I can use the house phone. Those were the days…

If you never heard that, you were lucky because you never could understand the struggle we had to connect to the internet. Not only the speed with those dial-up modems was horrible but also you need to fight with family for phone line usage. Every time someone picked up the phone it interrupted your connection and you lost lots of things.

here is the picture of me back in 2001 with my Pentium III 600 playing the Neverhood. (yes internet was not always connected)

back then I was writing articles and mail posting them (yes old snail mail) to different magazines. some of them had a chance to get published too! a little while later I discovered that I can also publish content on the internet. I still remember the first time that I discovered that I can save a document as HTML for publishing on the Internet! the problems were that I didn’t know where to put that HTML file back then.

I was trying to understand how to publish those HTML pages on the Internet and then suddenly I discovered something called Blogger. a free service which I can publish my text on the internet easy and free!. let’s cut the crap and don’t talk about all the old nostalgia. at the end of the story, It was a time that being a blogger meant making effort to publish some real content not only posting half-naked photos on Instagram and having millions of follower and called as a blogger while does not know even know what is a blog!

it was around 2006 which I discovered WordPress

A little while later I discovered my beloved publishing tool. WordPress an open-source CMS which you can install and have your own blog without any limit! which I am still in love with it even after more than a decade of living with it. it was all started with blogging with WordPress which led me to understand all the other CMS and then web programming, servers, Networking, Cloud infrastructures and…

I did many years of blogging, website creation and e-commerce launching with this lovely WordPress. actually, I am still make living with it. but It is so many years that I am far away from the blogging world. I recently decided to get back to this field again and start blogging again with my favourite blogging tool.

here is the most recent picture of me trying to spend more time outside !

I still do not know what kind of post I will write here or even I did not choose any name for my blog yet! please join my mailing list to keep update with my upcoming posts. (yes, no social page for this blog yet! first I need a name!)

P.S: I decide to use SinaWeblog for my blog name for the moment. this used to be my weblog name many years ago and I will write about anything but not so much deep technology so it will be useful for everyone.

Thanks for reading this so far. this is my first post & I do not expect too many comments. but even one reply will motivate me.